U9's take the win against Honiton

Sunday 10th March 2013 

Sidmouth v Honiton - (Away) 

It was another bitterly cold day in Honiton.  We were starting at 9am today to get the Dads off having to make breakfast in bed for the Mums on their special Mothering Sunday. It also meant we could get home in plenty of time afterwards to watch the England v Italy game. 

Our previous meeting with Honiton had not gone as well as we would have expected and we were fully intent on setting the record straight, and to continuing our steady improvement since Christmas 

Game 1

The contest began with an opening try by Teddy Osborne, returning to the team after a bit of an absence.  After a thrilling sequence of play at the restart we turned Honiton over and George Pierson-Lovesy forced his way through the Lacelads and ran in another try. A fantastic start, but could we maintain our intensity and play? Honiton responded in kind and upped their game. At half time Honiton was a nose ahead at 6 points to 5. Refusing to be down spirited the boys rose to the challenge and Ted Lindley levelled the score with a fine try. Somewhat fired up Ted followed up his try with a number of highly effective tackles, the best of which included catching a player on our tryline and driving him 5 metres back infield. The final score was a tie at 8 points each – a fantastic result given the scoreline between these two teams in the first encounter at Sidford.

Try scores; Ted Osborne, George Pierson-Lovesy, Max Meyer, Ted Lindley, Ben Sheridan, Ollie Brealy, and 2 for George Taylor. 

A special mention also needs to go to Ben Sheridan – who not only scored his first try of the season, but also got totally involved in defence, smashing left right and centre! 

The inter match prep talk was full of praise for the whole team's performance - especially their tackle completion, which had been missing the previous week. 

Game 2

The portents were clearly there, as although the Lacelads started with the ball, we immediately drove them 10 metres back into their own half and turned the ball over with 7 magnificent tackles. George Manley was raring to go and quickly gave us a 2 point advantage – using a heady combination of speed, evasive running and sheer determination in the tackle. Big James Allen was also a man on a mission repeatedly attacking the opposition head on with great shows of strength in defence and running straight through the Lacelad’s line in attack. Sidmouth were recycling the ball with tremendous effect. Everything was coming together, our tackles were being completed and we were winning turnovers. More importantly, we were not wasting the turnovers, but were able to use them to score! One particular green hatted member of opposition was becoming increasingly frustrated with Noah Innes-Kruger as the grey scrum-capped Siddy tackling machine seems back to his viral, destructive best – making huge hits all over the park, very ably supported by Messrs Benson and Brett. Although only a few individuals have been mentioned in this report, it has to be noted that this was a TREMENDOUS team effort – with everyone contributing to a fantastic game.  Big hits, great running lines and support led to us winning more comfortably than the 2 point final scoreline would suggest.

Final score a win for Sidmouth  6 points to 4.

Try scorers George Manley x 2, Big James Allen, Taine Benson, Noah Innes-Kruger and Jimmy Brett. 

As clearly as a couple of weeks ago when we won “ugly” against Tiverton, today was a day when we won “beautifully”.  It really was gratifying to see all the elements we have been working on in the last couple of months coming together.  But nothing is ever perfect….we were aided by Honiton using quite a narrow pitch, which negated their strengths posed by their smaller, quicker runners;  and we are still, at times, far too narrow in both attack and defence – which allowed their quick runner to score most of their tries.  However, this was by far the most complete display of the season by the boys!  Fantastic effort – well done!!

Many thanks to Luke and Dan for hosting us in Honiton- for what is always a very competitive and highly enjoyable fixture.