Under 9's do battle with Tiverton


17th February 2013. 

Sidmouth vs Tiverton (away)

A sunny and mild day for a change.

The Sidford team travelled up the M5 to do battle with Tiverton. Dave Manley did some sightseeing en route and called in to see how Honiton were getting on and enjoy a strong coffee. Fortunately he realised he was in the wrong place and dashed up the M5 in time for the match.

There are days in the evolution of any team where they just struggle to get going – almost like running in treacle!  Today was one such day, and although the spirit was willing, the energy levels just wouldn’t comply (well for most at least)…..one boy lamenting that he had to get up at 6am…areal travesty :-)

Having said that, the mark of a good (and improving) team is one who can win even when they are not playing well – and this intrepid bunch of enthusiasts showed this today!

Game 1.

Tiverton somewhat perplexed us by opening the game with a forward pass. Hey ho - we gratefully accepted the ball, but were turned over after 7 tackles. The treat of a runaway try was abated by Jimmy Brett although Tiverton went on to score the first try after some formidable defence. It was quite a scrappy game from that point on.  Whilst we were clearly the better team technically, a combination of poor decisions, inability to convert our opportunities and the odd high tackle curbed our progress.   At half time the score was 2 all. The half time introspection covered using the width of the pitch and to make our tackles count. A continuation of the malaise and indecision of the first half saw the second half end with a frustrating final score of 4 – 3 to Tiverton.

Game 2

The second game go off to a much better start with a focus on straight and direct running securing us an opening try. Tiverton came back at us and scored two more tries by half time after more passages of continuous defensive turnovers by both teams.   In the second half Siddy dug deep and went on to score 4 tries (George Taylor earning a hat trick). Special mentions have to go to George Manley and Jimmy Brett who tackled ferociously all morning!  Final score 5 – 4 toSidmouth.

Whilst today’s result was far more favourable than the first time we played Tivvy earlier in the season, when we were roundly beaten by a team running very good support lines; it does beg the question of how much better we would have been today had the energy levels matched the desire.

Still, it would be churlish to complain about the end result.  Sometimes, the result IS ALL THAT MATTERS!!