Sidmouth U9's v Honiton U9's

Phew, their back!!

After a less than enterprising game against Exeter Chiefs last week the boys rediscovered their mojo!

It seems every time we have a week off due to inclement weather every thing we have worked on in training vanishes however it does only take a week to return.IMG_7052

This week we were entertained by Honiton who, although short on numbers, are by no means short on talent. For the first 5 minutes of the first game the Sidmouth boys never touched the ball and never strayed into the Honiton half but, and its a big but, they tackled everything that moved in a Honiton shirt which eventually led to a turnover which was picked up by Charlie McCaig who then ran the length of the pitch to score! 

What followed was more of the same only with Honiton's time in possession getting shorter and shorter and with Sidmouth scoring almost every time the got the ball the Honiton heads started to drop. 

IMG_7019 The second game was expected to be a slightly closer affair    with the change of personnel but Honiton's relief was very  short lived as the same pattern emerged.

 It would be unfair to mention the final scores of each match   plus, to be honest, I lost count, but I really want to credit the  Honiton boys who kept plugging away to the end and it was  just a shame they failed to score although this was totally  down to some fantastic defence by Sidmouth who yet again  showed just what they can do when they put their minds to  it.

Special mention this week goes to Luca Frankpitt for his first try, Willam Bond and Matthew Shaw Smith for their tries. Excellent game from everyone.