Under 9s Tournament

Under 9 Not Festival - Teams

Sidmouth played host to teams from Honiton, Exmouth and Withycombe this Sunday in brilliant sunshine.The Sidmouth Raiders played 4 games . The first against Honiton which showed the pace and tackling,especially by William Allen, that has improved throughout the season with the Raiders finishing 2-1 up. It also showed when Arlo Squires got the ball it took three of the opposition to stop him ! They then faced the Exmouth team which had brought a hand picked team from their squad. The tackling from Exmouth and hard running left the Sidmouth side 3-0 down at the end despite great tackling performances from Toby Mortimer and William Morris. It was time for sinews to be stiffened as we faced Withycombe next.

Withycombe had some excellent runners but inspired tackling by Luca and Zac Arver and running down the wing by Tom Bird and Reece Hext left the final score 3-2 to Sidmouth. Ted Jenkins and Harry Finch made some great in roads in the centre and on the wing during the game.

The Sidmouth Pirates also played 4 games . They started against Withycombe drawing 4-4 with all players being used in this end to end game, from Toby Morris putting presssure on the opposition to Oscar Bruce getting some good runs in . They then faced Honiton and came into good form, with runs from Gyll Gray, Leon Rowley and Joshua Priestley, beating them 2-1. They then lost 4-1 vs Exmouth despite great preformances from Matthew Thomas and Archie Rowcliffe .

The final game for both sides was Sidmouth Raiders vs Sidmouth Pirates - the ultimate local derby ! Tackles from both sides over the first 5 minutes held the score at 1-1 with it swiflty becoming a battle of attrition with the Pirates player of the day Toby Sanford tackling everything that moved along with teammates Charlie Simic and Harry Wood.

The difference between the 2 sides in the end were 2 fantastic runs down the wing by Tom Bird (the Raiders player of the day) with players missing him by millimeters as they threw themselves in his path. The final score was 4-2 to the Raiders but both sides had played excellent rugby.

Thanks to the other clubs for making it an excellent day for the kids.