Cullompton Vs Sidmouth U9s

Sidmouth took 3 teams of U9s up to Cullompton providing the Sidmouth mums with some respite on Mothers Day - unfortunately Cullompton U9s arrived in Sidmouth at around the same time....after a bit of haggling Cullompton sped (under the speedlimit but the road was still blue) back to Cullompton.

Team Green were first to take on Cullompton in the Paddock in what was to be a bruising encounter. The evasiveness of Charley Turley and strength of Toby Sanford was the difference between the two sides, but this was built on a defensive foundation laid on good tackling, as ever by Alec Bagwell. However the highlight of the match was a tremendous show of strength and nouse by Scott Monro-Higgs when he prevented a try by holding up a strong drive for the try line by Cullompton. Jack Pugh ran his familiar penetrating lines and Alexander Goody added to the score sheet with his lightening speed. Ellie Monro-Higgs, Imy Bagwell and Harry Wood contributed well with their tackling and shape which sealed two tries in the 6-3 victory.

The Orange Sidmouth team, Captained by Laisey Jackson and supported by a hatrick of Thomas' (Grove, Bird & Biggers) Luca Arver, Ben Brook, Reece Hext, Gyll Gray, Arlo Squires and William Allen overcame the cold with some enthusiastic tackling. Arlo Squires discovered the benefits of his powerful running and this was supported with solid tackling from Luca Arver, Thomas Biggers and Laisey Jackson with an amazing try saving tackle that suprised the Cullompton player who was almost at on the try line. Cullompton were well organised and with pace on the outside they scored 5 tries to our 4 tries. Our tries were scored by Luca Arver, Thomas Bird and Thomas Grove. A good performance for a cold morning!

The All Blacks played really well as a team on Sunday. The match against Cullompton was highlighted by brilliant tackling all round especially from Charlie Simic, Sam Hartland, Roman Moore, Zac Arver and Will and Toby  Morris. Several of the tackles were try saving as the fast Cullompton players looked for breaks out wide with Zac Arver at one stage hammering Cullompton back with three successive tackles and Charlie Simic having to be marked by 2 Cullompton players at times. Notable tries came from Harry McMahon , Archie Rowcliffe and Joshua Priestly who all played out of their skins to support each other. The final result was a 5-1 win which everyone, quite rightly, was really proud of.

Thanks to the Cullompton players for making that extra journey to see Sidmouth, a great day of rugby and for providing the coaches with extra pies to fend off the cold !