Topsham Vs Sidmouth U9

Sidmouth played away to Topsham on a slightly damp November morning with both sides happily being able to field 3 teams but on smaller than usual pitches !

The first team out produced a very balanced performance from a team bustling with enthusiasm. On a bizarrely narrow pitch, the players soon realised that expansive running was off the menu. In response they set about the task of belligerent tackling with the determination of a scorned Springbok. Zac Arver set the defensive tone with a thumping retreating tackle and the others fell in line with notable performances from Imogen Bagwell and, in the final phases of play, Ben Brook who emerged from beneath the heap with a big grin. As usual Ellie Monro Higgs stormed home with a couple of tries , Daisy Grove made a couple of swerving runs up the pitch. and Oscar Bruce proved very useful linking the different players together. Toby Mortimer showed great determination as he took the game to the opposition, riling the referee at times, but off-loading the ball well in contact. Tom Bird played with the verve we've become used to and won the respect of the opposition, running in a clutch of tries in otherwise low scoring games.

The second team out in game one off was Captain Ted Jenkins with Will Allen, Alec Bagwell, Alexander Goody, Sam Hartland, Thomas Grove, Leon Rowley, Luca Arver and Toby Sanford. With some good support play on some very narrow pitches it really was a tackling frenzy with very little space. With a good win the team moved on to game two captained by Toby Sanford. This was a close game with good defensive tackling from Topsham pushing Sidmouth back up the pitch. The rugby reached dizzy heights with Alec Bagwell and Luca Arver clashing heads leading to a short first half and Laisey Jackson joining the team with Alec Bagwell and Luca Arver resting. Having lost the second game we moved on to game three with Sam Hartland as captain. Both Thomas Grove, Alexander Goody and Toby Sanford scored some good strong tries having received good supporting passes from their team. A range of big tackles were made by Sam Hartland and Leon Rowley which led to a win in our third game.

 The third team out played really well today against a strong set of Topsham units losing the first, drawing the second and then winning the third with a great display. All the players learned and improved from game to game with the final game being a real rugby game with commitment and great tackling from both sides.

During the games there were some great tries from Jack Pugh, Archie Rowcliffe, Scott Monro Higgs, Charlie Turley and Herbie Isherwood. Try of the day went to Jack Pugh though with some fantastic straight running up the wing. The tackling keeps on improving week to week and the guys are now realising that it hurts less if they tackle properly than if they stand back and get hit. There was a superb try saving tackle from Harry Wood in the second game to secure the draw and some great support running from Dominic Clapp, William Morris, Toby Morris and Thomas Biggers. Great team play.

The Topsham players also put in a great performance to equal out the games and make it a great spectacle - thanks goes to them and their coaches.