Bridport V Sidmouth & the Pullin Cup U9s

Pullin Cup Photo 

The Sidmouth U9s had games on Saturday and Sunday this week. Saturday saw the Pullin Cup U9 game played at the Blackmore grounds. The 30 minute tag game ended with the peripheral Sidmouth team winning 8-6 which turned out to be the best result for that day for England.

The Sunday game away to Bridport was the first contact game for the kids. We turned up with 24 to play a double header against Weymouth and Bridport who also were playing their first contact game. 

The first Sidmouth team played 3 games, the first of which was against Bridport and had Sidmouth up 6-1 at half time. The Sidmouth tackles forced the Bridport players onto the back foot for the entire first half but Bridport came out in the second half a different team finishing the game 12-5 with some good touchline tries.

The second game vs Weymouth showed the Weymouth team to be better prepared for contact. The final score of 8-6 to Sidmouth showed excellent running and tackling by both teams , the difference between the two being Sidmouths' willingness to pick up loose ball and play the advantage which provided Immy Bagwell with the games best try after a great Tom Bird tackle.

The third game was against Bridport again with Bridport determined to show a stronger defence. The tackling of the Arver twins, Scott Monro Higgs, Laisey Jackson and Toby Mortimer gradually pushed the Bridport players onto the back foot allowing tries from all the other players including Daisy Grove,Ben Brook, Ellie Monro Higgs and Gyll Gray leaving the score 9-5 to Sidmouth. 

The other Sidmouth U9 team also secured 2 victories, one v Bridport (score 10-4) and one  v Weymouth (score 9-6). In attack, excellent ball placement in the tackle led to quick ball, allowing the likes of Charlie Turley, Thomas Grove and Jack Pugh to take advantage of the open space and demonstrate their strength and speed to reach the whitewash.  There was committed tackling by all players, especially Alec Bagwell who managed to create a couple of valuable turnovers which gave Sidmouth just enough against evenly match opposing teams.

Thanks to Weymouth and Bridport for an excellent start to the season that included brilliant rugby and hopefully not the last of the brilliant sunshine.