Sidmouth U8’s v Topsham U8's

11th March 2012 and It was a mild, cloudy day in Topsham.

As part of our ongoing desire to produce thinking, aware rugby players - rather than drones who only do as they are told - this week the children were in charge! They decided on their warm up, Captains and starting line-up. Whilst by no means a painless exercise, the awareness and nous the children showed was both admirable and surprising.

Game 1. The away team’s Ref had very relaxed views on, off-side, knock-ons and forward passes. The children enjoyed a close game ending in a 5 all draw, testament to the kid's refusal to be bowed by local circumstances

At the mid match team talk the boys maturity was very evident, as they correctly identified that they had not done enough tagging or passing, and that they could have run straighter rather than across the pitch.

Game 2. With Stephe in charge the rules were adhered to, which suited Sidmouth (as that’s how we train)! Topsham brought out a different team for the second game. Sidmouth’s tagging and passing improved. After another close game the score was once again Topsham 5 Sidmouth 5.

Both games were solid performances by Sidmouth and particularly impressive as the children made their own decisions throughout the morning.

Well done Sidmouth.