Sidmouth U8's v Exeter Chiefs Home


It was a cold day in Sidford. An early frost had lifted and the ground was hard but not frozen.

Sidmouth’s warm up focused on a “concertina” game plan – another name to describe our penchant  for keeping the ball close and narrow during the initial phases of an attack, and then to offload and spread the ball once the defence has been breached or the opposition have bunched sufficiently to create the space on the outside.  An adjunct to this is a far more robust type style of play that encourages comfort in contact.  Our warm ups thus do a lot of work in focussing on attacking the defender’s inside shoulder and playing through the contact.

With a very good turnout on the day, we decided to play as two teams, rather than as a single team with rolling subs.  Thus each team played for one half (ten minutes), then rested for the next half…

Game 1. Sidmouth kept to the game plan in attack and were strong in defence, at half time the score was 3 : 2 to Sidmouth. The second half was just as good and Sidmouth won 6 points to 5 – thus continuing our recent history of very close games with a willing Chiefs team


Game 2. The children continued their good work, with some straight runs through the opposition’s lines, good ball handling in the cold conditions, and great team work in support of each other. At the end of the first half Sidmouth were in the lead with 3 points   to 2. Unfortunately the Chiefs closed the gap and nosed ahead in the second half. Sidmouth 4 : Chiefs 5.

Great work Sidmouth.