Sidmouth U8's v Exeter Chiefs


January 15th 2012 and it was a fresh and sunny day with a chilling wind at Sandy Park.

As part of our ongoing evolution towards taking contact from u9, the warm up reiterated the concepts we started introducing last week (comfort in narrow spaces, looking for the short, sharp offload and then taking the ball wide), and keeping the children warm in the cold wind.

The first game followed a pattern with whichever side had possession scoring a try; this was largely due to the width of the pitch, which suited Chief’s extremely quick “outside” backs, and to a large extent negated our narrow approach to the game.  Sidmouth’s attack was convincing but tagging was challenging, the first half saw just 5 tags being made by Sidmouth. However the team held their own and the end result was 11 : 10 to Sidmouth.  

After a post-match reminder to focus on alignment and tagging Sidmouth’s second game got off to a poor start, conceding 3 quick tries by Exeter.  Sidmouth quickly regrouped and raised their game. Final score 7 : 11 to Exeter.  As we employ an “everyone-in” policy at Sid, there is a clear gulf between the skill sets of those players with a little more experience than the others.  This will decrease over time, but at times it can be quite evident.

The children did very well in the wintery conditions and proved worthy opponents. Particular mention must go to Toby for some outstanding running and try scoring.