Sidmouth U8's v Cullumpton U8's

With many thanks to my wife Jo (and all others braving the miserable conditions), for a fantastic match report....

4 March 2012

Some of us are beginning to think that Cullompton is perpetually, wet, windy and cold! On a small demarcated pitch, 15 U8s (8 from Sid and 7 form Cully), with freezing cold fingers, did themselves proud.

After a quick start from Cullompton and the first try on the board for the home team, our boys sprang into action. After Toby and James made some good ground, Noah scored the first try for Sidmouth. Some good passing on the move saw Toby scoring twice more in answer to each try scored by Cully. The first half ended with each team having three on the board.

Sid kept up the pressure in the second half gaining a quick turnover ball. Ollie ran straight and strong to score the first try of the second half. Some good tagging followed by freezing fingers meant Cully slipped through for their fourth try. Ollie was the king of the quick step though, and scored the fifth try for Sid. Cully followed, again with a quickly scored try. Before the final whistle a great tag from Ollie kept the scores equal, at five apiece, at the end of the first match.

Ollie started the second match in similar, fine form and scored quickly. Sid kept up great pressure and good play from Harry resulted in a turnover ball. After a bit of scrambling on the line, Toby scored the second try. A great, supportive team effort continued, but a tag was just too late and Cully scored their only try of the half.  A breakaway from Noah, after a good push forward from Rudi, and a quick pass to Ollie resulted in try number three. A sneaky giant step from Noah, after being tagged, and a reach over the line, resulted in four tries at half time.

The final half started with a great burst from Cully, resulting in another point on the board and after a scrappy re-start, Sidmouth retained possession and Toby stormed over the line , scoring again. Cully replied immediately, but a quick start from Harry and a clean offload to Noah, scoring Sid’s sixth try. Right on the whistle, Collumpton scored again, finishing with four tries in the second match.

Although cold and windy, the Sidmouth 8 who represented the U8s on Sunday, did everyone proud. Great teamwork and demonstration of good core skills.