Sidmouth Vs Cullompton U8s

The weather just about held off as we welcomed a good sized friendly contingent from Cullompton RFC.

Having warmed up with some tag bulldog and a dodging game and observed a minute of silence to mark Remembrance Day, we split into 3 balanced teams ready to make good use of the new Sidford Pitches.

Cullompton needed to borrow a player for one of their teams and all the boys did very well when asked to play for the opposition with some of them even scoring!

In the first round of games we saw some excellent defensive work with the boys defending as a line fantastically – so well in fact that the opposition were forced to run into touch as they couldn’t find a way through! The boys thought about their passing and movement and made a significant number of passes before being tagged which was great to see! Good work from Will Cotton, Harry Murphy and Jake Dunstan resulted in 2 wins and 1 draw in the first round.

The second round of games saw more great effort and strong running from all quarters with Jack Bell, Sam Smart and Eli Moss working very hard joined by sterling performances from Alex Harvey who captained his team well and tries from George Dale and Joseph Hooper to secure 3 wins for Sidmouth.

The level of play dropped a little in the final 10 minute game of the day as the boys tired, but there was still lots of areas of good work to see. Noah Clifton and Isaac Wall pushed their teams to win while Cullompton finally got a win on the board to leave the scores as:
7 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss for Sidmouth – well done boys.

In amongst all this good play, our player of the week was Henry Tanner for his defensive work, straight running with the ball and, most notably, fabulous supporting running – good job Henry!

Thank you to you all for coming and thanks to Danny Murphy for helping with the coaching.