Exeter Chiefs V Sidmouth U8s

U8 2105

Another great turn out and performance by Sidmouth saw us field two very strong teams against some talented opposition at Exeter Chiefs’ Oil Mill Lane training pitches.

The first two matches left us with 1 win apiece with some excellent initial play on the top pitch lulling the boys into being too relaxed with their passes and allowing the ball to go to ground and be picked up by the opposition leading to a loss. The team on the other pitch managed to keep their composure and see out a very close game.

Exeter Chiefs 11 - Sidmouth 6                       Exeter Chiefs 8 - Sidmouth 9

Following a quick break, with varying amounts of snacks and drink, we swapped opposition and increased the concentration. Excellent defence by both teams on the bottom pitch resulted in a low scoring win for Sidmouth while the other pitch saw a lot of free running rugby ending in a high scoring draw.

Exeter Chiefs 4 - Sidmouth 5             Exeter Chiefs 11 - Sidmouth 11

Final result was that Sidmouth won 2, lost one and drew 1. In amongst it all there were some great pieces of determined tagging, notably Aidan Corefield , and tireless running, passing and individual skill along with good defence which saw Sam Smart named player of the week