U8 V Cirencester and Exmouth

Sidmouth put out 2 U8 teams against a touring Cirencester team and Exmouth at Exmouth.

The first team out played four games, winning two, drawing one and losing one. These first matches, post Easter egg consumption, provided some good supporting tag rugby, with Harry Wood and Matthew Thomas linking well and Scott Monro Higgs using speed up the wings.Charlie Turley being the opportunist with at least two interceptions helped by Gyll Grey running hard and straight supported Leon Rowley to earn the Man of the Match award, a Sheriffs Badge, from the touring Cirencester team. Reece Hext played an active role up the middle of the pitch with the move of the day going to Ben Brook who tagged the opposition on our try line which led to turnover ball to us allowing a great passage of play ending in a try on the last tag at the other end of the pitch.

The other Sidmouth team were excellent this week winning all the games by one point!

Toby Sanford and Alec Bagwell stood out with their linking passes, running and support play. Ellie Monro Higgs showed some very mature defence, holding her line and not getting sucked across the pitch. Daisy Grove showed a step up in confidence, backing herself to run and side step in a couple of inspired tries. Jack Pugh also gets a mention for looking particularly sharp with a very near interception and some speedy runs.

The player of the match was Toby Sanford gaining himself a Sheriffs Badge from Cirencester for his continued diving tags onto concrete like ground. This was all supported by some very flattering comments from the Cirencester and Exmouth coaches. This performance really marked their progress this season.