Sidmouth U7's v Collumpton U7's


Sidmouth mini's felt the pressure on Sunday 4th December when the visiting team from Cullompton delivered some well disciplined phases of play at Sidford. The first of two games saw Sidmouth execute some very well supported attacking play, finding space in the oppositions defensive line and coupled with some very competent ball handling and running passes at speed being the secret to the 5 tries scored. Even though defensive pressure was strong when Collumpton were in possession, Sidmouth found difficulty in making the tags, allowing the first game to finish with a 7-5 win to the visitors. 


The second game saw the new recruits build on their recent training sessions, giving them the opportunity to put into practice the skills developed, again there was some very impressive attacking play, running the ball forward and looking for support and quick off loads when the opposition made tags.

Collumpton were able to take advantage of the gaps in Sids defensive to score a number of runaway tries. The second game finished with the score standing at 5-1 to Cullumpton.


Well done to all who played. On Dec 18th the Junior Section have a day of rugby fun and festivities at The Blackmore as part of the Junior Section's 40th Anniversary celebrations, please come along and enjoy the fun!