Under 7s Pullin Cup - Champagne Rugby

U7 - Chiefs and Vikings

This year as part of Sidmouth Rugby’s support for the Rugby World Cup they have decided to bring back The Pullin Cup which was presented by, and is named after, the founder of the club.

 It was presented as an annual junior competition to promote the game for the youth of the town of Sidmouth. It was first played for at Christmas 1904. Competition continued until the 2nd World War and it was then re-introduced in 1972 on the founding of the junior section. It has been played intermittently ever since and so makes a welcome return this year.

The laws of the game are that each junior age group is divided into two teams of those in the EX10 postcodes as the “Chiefs” and then the players left assemble to play as the “Vikings”. This is played across all of the Junior age groups from Under 7s to the Under 16s.

Whilst the older age groups play a very competitive suite of matches, this weekend was the turn of the Under 7s who chose to play their game after their regular fixture that day against Exmouth.

Teams were selected as per the rules but due to over 30 players wanting to take part the teams were split to provide 15 players each and Champagne rugby was the order of the day. For those not educated in rugby jargon Champagne “Tag “Rugby is the reverse of every rule of the game, you can pass forwards, the children were allowed the kick the ball and basically throw it around as they wanted.

The teams decided the best way to start the match was with an intimidating Under 7s Sidmouth Haka that was performed with most of the children just jumping about in a chaotic manner with lots of shouting and various arm gestures trying to recreate a version of New Zealand’s traditional ancesteral war cry

With the enthusiastic chaos that followed, the game was brief but highly entertaining with 2 referees on the pitch at the same time much to the delight of the watching crowd of parents with the ball spending most of the time on the ground with the kids all piled on top of it.

The result of the day was a win for the Chiefs with the only try of the match being scored by Jonno Fletcher. A great end to the day as we pass the honour of the Pullin cup over to the Under 11s this week.

U7 Haka

U7 Pulllin Cup