Sidmouth U16's Tour

Sidmouth U16s 53 - 12 Lansdown Sidmouth U16s 57 - 19 Barnhall [Dublin] The Sidmouth U16 tour to Dublin was great fun with the 22 young men behaving impeccably, being a credit to themselves and ambassadors for Sidmouth Rugby Club. The tour would not have been possible without generous sponsorship from a senior clubman and Michelmores Solicitors. Their contributions were carefully invested on a cultural exchange at the Irish House Party in Merchants Arch. The tour was also fortunate to receive generous support in the form of bespoke polo shirts from Allwood, one of the UK’s most progressive exponents of timber frame construction. Allwood were delighted to sponsor Sidmouth Rugby Club, and together made a winning team. Sidmouth achieved two outstanding wins; one in the shadow of the Aviva Stadium, against Lansdown, and the other on the outskirts of Dublin at Barnhall. Playing highlights were a Jenkins drop-goal, the outstanding Gosling try, the acceleration of Parnell, the tackling of Toomey and Faulkner, the excellence of Perchard-Richards and Kearns, the running of Malec and the length-of-the-pitch team try touched-down by Thomas. Off the field highlights included two beautiful air hostesses Sian and Jade, Mumfords Little Lion Man, young men in drag, an encore inducing rendition of I’m Yours in Temple Bar, Molly Malone, short hair, a beautiful coy dancer called Nadia, Griffiths leading the way, gobsmacked American tourists and a lime green mankini. The U16s will be at the Blackmore to entertain you at 11am on Easter Sunday.