Under 16's v Brixham

Sidmouth 19:36  Brixham  u16s  1.2.15

Davies’ dummy scores for Sidmouth 

Brixham started well and an early kick over the try line was grounded to score in the opening minutes. Sidmouth retaliated and began to make progress but Brixham defended strongly and a breakthrough gave them a try between the posts and a straightforward conversion. Back in the Brixham half, a solid passage of play demonstrated Sidmouth teamwork. Allen made good groundthen a safe pass to Pearse who continued the attack and finally passed to Dix who secured the try. Allen converted. Continuing play was fast and furious with Sidmouth pressure looking promising. A further try would have evened the score but ultimately it was Brixham who enhanced their lead with a try and conversion ending the first half 7:19.

Powerful play from Sidmouth at the restart put pressure on the Brixhamdefence. A Brixham breakaway made good ground but Sidmouth regained possession and play reverted back to the Brixham half. Close to the try line Davies seemed to be looking to pass but as the Brixham defender in front of him moved his attention away, he saw the space, deftly converted his manoeuvre into a dummy and darted forward to score. Unfortunately, there was no conversion this time. Sidmouth continued to have the majority of possessionand play was mostly in the Brixham half but strong Brixham defence preventeda further tryBrixham made the most of 3 breakthrough opportunities and swift runners scored 3 more tries one of which was converted. Finally, a great Sidmouth restart kick sent the ball towards the try line. To his frustration, aBrixham defender knocked on and from the resulting scrum Barnett scored. A confident kick from Allen sailed over the bar to convert the last try of the match. 19:36

The scoreline belied the intensity of the competition. Sidmouth forwards were dominant in the scrums and line-outs but Brixham backs made more of their opportunities and were more efficient at making their first up tackles count .

Daryl Pearce