Captain Allen leads U16's by example

Sidmouth 26:17 Devonport Services             under 16s                         18.1.15 

Following the stormy weather of mid-week, this was a pleasant sunny Sunday match away atPlymouth. Sidmouth kicked off and looked strong in the opening minutes until Devonport won a lineout and progressed back upfield. Regaining possession, Lau made good ground, with Chugg-White consolidating it. A penalty kick and a line out and Hartley scored in the corner 5:0Sidmouth heads were up but Devonport tackled, gained the ball and a good run gave them a try near the posts with a conversion, 5:7. Sidmouth retaliated and advanced to a line out near the try line. Trying to utilise a driving maul which had been so successful last weekend they pushed over the line but were held up. However, Barnett picked up the ball from the base of the resulting 5 yard scrum and scored. Allen converted 12:7Pitch length play followed as Sidmouth attempted to increase their lead and Sidmouth dominated in scrum time. The Devonport number 8 was powerful and difficult to tackle but Bright brought him down. Cornish deflected several Devonport players before being taken into touch.  Slick play by Sidmouth seemed promising until Devonport broke through and scored a try but no conversion ending the first half 12:12.

From the Devonport kick off in the second half Allen gained possession. He dodged defenders finally passing flawlessly to Lau who gathered momentum, saw his space and confidently sped to score by the posts and facilitate a solid conversion. 19:12. After the restart, Down kicked powerfully towards the try line and with swift Sidmouth backs bearing down on him, the Devonport defender was forced to clear the ball into touch.  Again a Sidmouth line out near the try line and Davies made a bold attempt at a try but Devonport were decreed to have held it up. Stoic Sidmouth players maintained the pressure and Allen scored and converted 26:12Devonport were not deterred. Although Sidmouth stole a ball from the scrum against the head, Devonport swiftly retrieved the ball. A great kick and chase ensued and Devonport scored a well-deserved try but failed to convert 26:17. Further passages of determined play demonstrated a good clearance kick by Down, solid passes and an impressive run by Goodier to secure the ball although Devonport defence took him into touch. But tired players also erred with forward passes and stumbles on the increasingly slippery pitch. A driving maul by Sidmouth did not accumulate enough players and Devonport gathered strength and pushed them back. Determination from Sidmouth’s dominant scrum kept Devonport at bay. A good breakaway by the home team spelled danger but Sidmouth regained possession just in time. At the final line out Sidmouth had the throw in and safely retained the ball. Davies kicked into touch to end the game 26:17

Daryl Pearce