Sidmouth U16 show solid teamwork

Sidmouth 12:12 Plymouth Argaum


Sidmouth show solid teamwork

A home match on the Prettejohn pitch at Sidford. Plymouth kicked off and a Sidmouth knock on gave them an early opportunity to work their way towards the Sidmouth try line. Solid home defence held up the initial attempt but Plymouth persevered and from the resulting scrum they scored in the corner,just escaping going into touch. Play resumed following an unsuccessful conversion and both teams demonstrated determination and strong defence producing pitch length play. Bolton showed his speed but did not have the space to convert this into points. Innes-Kruger worked hard and a Plymouth interception was taken decisively into touch by Lau. Sidmouth line-outs were skilful with strong forwards  lifting  Pearse and Hartley who secured the majority of home balls as well as stealing several from the visitors. Chugg-White impressed with determined pushes as did Barnett. A further attempt by Plymouth was held up but eventually a Plymouth line out produced a try and this time a conversion 0:12

Sidmouth were undeterred in the second half and now had the momentum downhill. A line out near the Plymouth try line looked promising but the ballwas lost in a maul and the challengers started to chase upfieldPearse flung himself into a vigorous tackle which took them into touch. Sidmouth persisted and from a Sidmouth line out Pearse secured the ball which was passed to Hartley and the Sidmouth forwards and several backs welded themselves into the maul producing a 25yard drive which Plymouth were unable to resist. Hartley kept the ball secure and scored for Sidmouth but it was a real team effort. A good kick from Allen hit the post so no conversion. Heads up,Sidmouth continued the pressure and soon after Davies collected the ball from a scrum, saw his opportunity and evaded Plymouth defenders to score again for the home team. Allen converted this time to the delight of Siddy supporters,12:12Play continued and Hill excited us with a great run but time ran out and the game ended with a very respectable draw.

Daryl Pearce