Sidmouth under 16s 10:19 Exeter

Sidmouth under 16s always enjoy a closely fought match with their Exeter opponents and this was no exception. From the Sidmouth kick off, play oscillated back and forth equally in both halves of the pitch. Exeter eventually broke free to score the first try and conversion. From the restart things looked promising for Sidmouth, Exeter secured a turnover ball but it was reclaimed by a strong Sidmouth line out. Safe hands passed the ball along the line to Barnett who kept the Sidmouth supporters on edge with a momentary juggle! However he kept possession and stormed forwards to score a try in the corner. Strong Sidmouth lineouts had captain Pearce impressing with his competent catches. However, Exeter took good advantage of opportunities and scored again to stay ahead in the first half 12:5.

In the second half determined play continued. On occasion sparks flew. Exeter broke free from close combat and scored another try. Sidmouth remained undeterred and Cornish made a strong run, skilfully avoiding the touch line, and scored a well-deserved try. Good defensive play by the forwards averted a further score by Exeter but Sidmouth were unable to make sufficient ground and the match finished 19:10 to Exeter.

Players from both teams showed passion and commitment but Exeter were just that bit more effective at turning their advantages into points. Well done to both teams, an enjoyable and evenly matched game.