Sidmouth under 15’s had an impressive away win over Honiton in difficult conditions, with a bitterly cold wind on a wet and very greasy pitch they cruised to victory.

First try to Sidmouth when David Chan broke through passing it to Tom Counsell who finding his path blocked off loaded to Angus Eaton who put it down over the line by the corner.

Sidmouth’s next try came from a lineout five yards from the Honiton line and Dave Chan literally bulldozed his way through the Honiton defence to gain another try.

The strong Honiton pack were instrumental in Honiton gaining a try by good steady pressure finally putting them over the line.

Sidmouth came back again with Theo Headon making a mighty shove in a ruck to gain the ball which then went out to the three quarters where Tom Counsell ran in the next try. Halftime and Sidmouth were up by 15 to 5.

The next half saw Sidmouth even more dominant and after the forwards won a scrum, Aaron passed the ball came out to Tom who once again ran a try in.

Angus Eaton ran the next try in followed not long afterwards by Tom Counsell who not long afterwards scooped up a loose ball ten yards out to gain his fourth try of the game.

The last try of the game was also the most impressive. Honiton kicked off, Dave Chan bent over scooped the ball up just as a Honiton player ran in and attempted a tackle. Dave ended up with his head between the defender legs and like a charging bull tossed him up onto his back, with the defender hanging upside down on his back Dave ran 5 meters, then shook him off and finished with a 70 yards charge hotly pursued all the way to put it down for Sidmouth’s final try.

On a pitch where grass was hard to find not a single try was converted and watching from the side line you almost expected the ball to stick to the kicker’s foot such were the conditions. It was a credit to both sides that they played so well.

Your match reporter struggled to write with hands that were numb with the cold and the worst I had was a cold pen not a freezing wet rugby ball!

Report by Steve Searle.

10th March 2013