Sunday 6th January 2013.

Sidmouth under 15’s  faced their arch rivals at Blackmoor and came out on top.

A fiercely fought match where the final score truly represented the game.

The combination that has worked well for Sidmouth this season was used again to full effect and the chip forward by Sam Cavin which was scooped up by Tom Counsell and ran in resulted in the first points on the board for Sidmouth.

A penalty to Cullompton then gave them their first opportunity and they decided to take the points and a successful kick gave them their first three points.

When Sidmouth gained a penalty they opted to run it and the ball was passed swiftly down the line to be received by Tom Counsell who once again ran it into touch at the corner putting Sidmouth up by 10 points to 3.

A scrum won by Sidmouth gave them their next opportunity  and Matt Morrish, who was guesting for the home side, showed his remarkable turn of speed and went straight through the Cullompton defence to put it down under the posts a conversion added a further two points.

Despite intense pressure from Cullompton which gave the home side an opportunity to demonstrate their tackling skills they were unable to put any further points on the board before the half time whistle blew.

The second half was again fiercely contested with the muddy conditions making the ball greasy and mistakes more common.

Sam using his chip again gave Tom another opportunity, following the ball up rapidly he was able to charge down a kick by the Cullompton defender grab the ball and with nobody then between him and the line run in his third try of the game.

The subsequent kick off by Cullompton was mishandled by Sidmouth and Cullompton were able to dribble the ball football style down the pitch and over the line where dropping on it completed the tactic and gave Cullompton their final try.

Both sides put in maximum effort and without doubt a return match is by no means a certainty for either side, only for the spectators who will be guaranteed some good entertainment.