Sidmouth under 15’s triumphed over Ivybridge in tough match at Blackmoor  on Sunday despite missing some key players. 

The first half saw Sidmouth initially on the back foot under extreme pressure from a powerful Ivybridge side. Good defence work by George Welch  and Jack Scrivens kept the visitors from the try line and as the half progressed Sidmouth slowly but surely gained the upper hand.


Finally a knock on by Ivybridge  10 yards from their line gave Sidmouth the opportunity they wanted. Winning the scrum the ball came out to Dave Chan who despite his size and strength only gained a few yards before being brought down. Sidmouth won the ruck and the ball emerged to be passed down the line the Billy Collins, who had moved up from his full back position, and over the line for the first try of the game.  Sam Cavin then converted it to put Sidmouth seven points up.

Ivybridge started strongly but a good run by them was brought to a halt by Jack Scrivens.

The second half saw Ivybridge go all out for a try but a loose pass was anticipated and intercepted by Jack Scrivens who made a 55 yard dash to put the ball down under the posts. Another conversion by Sam Cavin put Sidmouth 14 points in front.


Despite intense pressure from Ivybridge which at one point took the ball over the line to be held up by Sidmouth they were unable to put any points on the board.

Final score Sidmouth 14 Ivybridge 0.


Sam Cavin, 15 years stands an inch short of six foot and weighs in at 85 kilos.

Sidmouths captain he is also very keen on most sport including Surfing where he has won the English under 16 championship. Usually found in the thick of it his chips and clearance kicks invariably give his side room to perform. Commenting on the match he was his usual taciturn self and said “Good effort by the team”.