Devon Plate quarter finals success for Sidmouth U15

A rainy and windy day in Brixham. A muddy pitch and slippery ball resulted in juggling and dropping by both teams but within the first 10 minutes Wright scored a decisive try and converted it himself to put Sidmouth ahead.  Brixham got close to scoring, but Sidmouth defence was solid and danger was averted. A penalty for Sidmouth and Down kicked deep towards the Brixham try line. The player who caught the ball was immediately tackled in a combined effort by Lau and Johnson-Graves who had raced to get there, but Sidmouth's chance of a try by Barnett was held up. Despite the pressure they put on the opposition, Sidmouth were unsuccessful in increasing their advantage and the first half ended after 25 minutes at 7:0

The second half and Sidmouth were looking strong, but following a turn over, Brixham scored in the corner and a further try soon after saw Brixham leading 10:7. Game on. Fast and furious, Sidmouth play was solid with good hands and Wright powered over to put Sidmouth back in the lead 12:10. Brixham now had the ball and tried to kick the ball deep into touch but it was charged down by Lau. Sidmouth were only ahead by a conversion and end to end play made the second half seem interminable to Sidmouth supporters (it was timed at 35 minutes eventually). A promising play by Brixham threaded the ball along the line of their backs but a fumble sent the ball wide and they lost their momentum.  Finally another attempt by  Barnett brought him close to the try line, a tackle and ruck and Hughes picked up the ball to edge closer, but he was also brought down. Finally, stalwart Chugg-White managed to breach Brixham defenses to bring the game to a decisive 17:10 close.

 Down captained Sidmouth decisively and kicked well.  The scrum was strong especially the second row (Bright, Cornish and Hartley). Players committed powerfully to rucks and tackles. Impressive Wright showed how his skills have been honed by Devon squad training with nifty footwork complementing his natural strength and speed.  Determined Dix and a doughty, Dorset squad, Davies had a good game.  A great team effort!