Sidmouth U14's V Cullumpton



Sidmouth 27 Cullumpton 19


Sidmouth under 14s beat a very good Cullumpton side in another terrific match. They played particularly well in the first half and it was not long before a break from Allen put Kennaugh in space and he was not going to be denied from scoring this week. Sidmouth kept applying the pressure, but it only took one mistake and Cullumpton’s flying centre was at the other end under our posts.  From their restart however, Syrrad showed he had some pace too ,as well as brawn and he scored. Counsell, (welcome back from injury) converted. The forwards were exceptionally good at securing the ball today and it was from their efforts that Counsell was given the space to power over.


Sidmouth’s tails were up now and again they managed to secure quick ball and Down, who was superb at scrum half today, fired it out to Kennaugh for his second. There were six substitutions at half time from this squad of twenty one and even though we lost a lot of weight in the scrum Sidmouth still managed to dominate.  Cullumpton were under huge pressure from Sidmouth’s back row and a mistake from Cullumpton allowed Counsell to pounce and score. Sidmouth kept pressurising the Cullumpton backs, but the referee felt on occasion too early and few penalties later, the Cully flyer found a gap. Sidmouth continued to play well and in Cullumpton’s half, but again one mistake allowed the Cully flyer to score at the death . Another excellent effort though from Sidmouth.