Sidmouth 20 Exeter Chiefs 14


Exeter Chiefs arrived at Blackmore with 14 players, which meant Sidmouth had to lend them one of ours. Next time perhaps we should not be so generous as to who we lend! The Chiefs started very brightly, but it was Sidmouth’s own Charlie Wright, playing for the chiefs who scored their 2 tries, both of which were converted. Sidmouth had actually played very well, but Wright on the crash ball from 10 metres is hard to stop! Sidmouth though did salvage the half with a fantastic try of their own, with Brian Lao using his pace to score in the corner. The second half was dominated by Sidmouth. Wright, now in Sidmouth colours, charged at the line and Syrradsupporting brilliantly touched down. Next it was Allen, who had a superb match, who threatened to score, but again Syrradwas on hand to finish it off.  It was Kennaugh’s spectacular break and Dix’s support play (great to see you both back) which lead to Wright getting his rather unusual hat trick.Sidmouth’s scrum had played so well all match, particularly Robinson and Bolton in the loose and Chugg-White,Unsworth and Hughes at the set piece, that they did tire towards the end and the match became a stalemate . The whole squad played well though and for the second week running there were no weak links. Well done. Thank you also to Moore who played for the Chiefs in the second half, whichfrankly must have been a bit of a thankless task.