Sidmouth Vs Paignton U14

Team -  Jan 2016

Sidmouth 58 Paignton 12

The U14s very successful season stuttered a little last Sunday when they departed from some basic principles of play.

The wrong players doing the wrong jobs and two off sides gave Paignton strong field position from which the scored inside the first 2 minutes !

This rattled Sidmouth who then tried to force the game and little went right. Eventually the boys found their unselfish rhythm and started to score with regularity. Paignton battled hard but had no answer to Josh Golding’s pace and Mattie Laurenti’s tenacity. New player Louis Maynard added a valuable lineout option in the forwards and Owen Tidball dominated play through the centres. Sebastian Stewart made good ground on the wing and Jake Jones caught and returned the ball excellently. Ollie Parry-Leyshon linked well and Charlie Corr secured valuable ball in the contact area. Sidmouth brought on super-sub Kyle ‘Pazza’ Parry in the second half who must have the best 0-60 statistics in the County. He duly romped in for four blistering tries and the rout was complete.

The coaching goals are to play simple rugby with team understanding of simple patterns. In addition to this, if the boys can then remove mistakes from their performance they will quickly become a formidable outfit.