Sidmouth 17 Exmouth 19

An eagerly awaited tie between 15 strong Exmouth and an impressive 26 man Sidmouth squad saw the home side take a dominant lead with two quick tries from Mead and Lowe following opening runs from Perez and Cockayne.  Harris converted to open a 12 point lead.

Exmouth remained pinned in their half as Sidmouth dominated early play but they progressively edged their way back in to the game. Finding their shape, Exmouth began to gradually dominate the rucks and increasingly turned over play.

Sidmouth stayed vigilant as as Exmouth threatened to score, the centres and backs producing a succession of tackles and the diminutive Bagwell thwarting a left flank attack. The home team were then unlucky not to secure a third try through Mead before close of play.

Exmouth began to kick for territory with increasing frequency in the second half, a tactic which unbalanced Sidmouth, creating openings and eventually a try. From strong forward play Perez opened up Exmouth and then shortly after Lowe (J) played a chip and run and was unfortunate not to be rewarded for his vision. Exmouth visibly grew in confidence as the larger home squad rotated and an incisive drive through the centre of the Sidmouth line levelled the scores 12-12. 

Sidmouth quickly countered through Tidball and Harris was unfortunate not to convert. A further try looked on the cards for Sidmouth through Cockayne and Lowe (J). However, a long defensive kick from Exmouth and a last minute infringement from Sidmouth brought a try for Exmouth in a central position which was duly converted. With the home crowd cheering, Lowe (J) repeated his chip and run and the supporting Perez was preparing to swallow dive when the whistle went for the ball going out of play signalling the end of a highly entertaining and well balanced game.