Sidmouth U13's v Newton Abbot U13's

Sidmouth 15 Newton Abbot 14

There were rumours before this match that Newton Abbot(NA) were unbeaten this season - but they had yet to play Sidmouth, writes Chris Robinson. Sid_v_Newton_ab

This match was as nerve-wracking as it was terrific. Early on NA were awarded a penalty in their own 22 and they ran it. This caught Sidmouth off guard as did the speed and strength of NA’s wing. In a flash he scored between the posts.

This, and the muddiness of the pitch, meant Sidmouth had to keep it tight and they did this with some style. It is no surprise that the three tries Sidmouth scored in the first half were scored by the back row, who played well all match.

The front row, particularly in the first half, were dominant and laid the platform.

The second row provided the power and the ‘go forward’. The backs also had an excellent day. The half backs were feisty and involved. The midfield were aggressive and tackled bravely all day.


The back three were equally brave and, though they had less to do in attack, they defended brilliantly.In the second half Sidmouth’s defence was heroic and, but for an opportunistic try from NA’s flying wing, could have closed out the match and calmed the parents’ nerves! This was a very mature and skilful display for a squad, the majority of whom are 12. Well done to all involved . I can’t wait for the next instalment!