Sidmouth U13's v Cullumpton U13's

Sidmouth 36 Cullumpton 7

On a cold and very windy morning in Cullumpton 23 Sidmouth Under 13s turned up to play and 4 were representing East Devon. Cullumpton were 2 short, so we loaned them 2 of ours.


This confused some of the mothers, not recognising their sons in the red of Cullumpton!! With a swirling wind Sidmouth at first decided to keep things tight. Bolton spotted a gap and raced down the blindside to score under the posts. This settled Sidmouth and they started to use their backs and soon Kennaugh scored.DSC_0152

One of the coaches asked Sidmouth to ‘take it back to them’. Kennaugh clearly took this literally. He secured the ball from the kick off and then ran through the entire Cullumpton defence to score under the posts.  Jacob C-W, who had a great game, then powered down the blind side.  


Quick ball was secured by the back row, who were excellent again and the ball was passed through all the backs and Morgan dived over.  Very impressive in the conditions. The second half was against the wind and Cullumpton used it to score their try.


Undaunted Sidmouth worked hard to get back into the match. The forwards were dominant, the backs tackled relentlessly and they were rewarded when Down scored in the corner. In about the last play of the match Moore found himself in space and raced to the line.  Another score and another very good performance. These boys are developing into a formidable squad.