Exmouth v Sidmouth under 13's

After a strong start from a disciplined Sidmouth side, fresh from their cup win, it didn’t take long for the forwards to dominate the scrum. After 5 minute, a quickrun saw Louis Morel break to score the 1st try.

Two minutes later, another try was run in by Tom Osborne under the posts, when Exmouth’s defense was ripped open. Exmouth were now under a lot of pressure, the scene was set for them to come back.

Unfortunately, Exmouth could not fight back in the first half as Archie Cruze scored a try, and James superbly converted nearly all the conversions.

Louis Morel late in the first half ran in another try, as Sidmouth broke out from strong defense, followed quickly by another try from Ben Shorthouse as hepowered over the try line, and then another try run from deep inside the defense line by Tom Osborne.

As the first half unfolded Sidmouth applied more pressure as the forwards continued to secure strong ball and both Sam Kennaugh and James Emmett ran in some great trys.

The second half proved much the same as Sidmouth dominated the whole match, credit to Exmouth pulling a well worked try, however another swift return from James Emmett saw another few points go up on the board.

Exmouth continued to try and come back, but superb tackling from Cian Warren put a stop to a try. Exmouth then ran in a couple of trys with superb conversions. 

Lloyd Roberts-Wright ran in a great try weaving his way through the defense. 

The final score was 58 to Sidmouth, 19 to Exmouth.