Under 12s Tournament at Devonport Services

A cold and windy day with a forecast of heavy rain later saw Sidmouth drive down to Devonport bright and early for a spring festival of rugby. Due to the strong wind we were able to use the stadium, which gave players and spectators alike some shelter from the gale.

Sidmouth’s first game was against tough opposition – Teignmouth. The first try came from a period of sustained pressure from Teignmouth finally breaking down the Sidmouth defence. The game always felt fairly close, but in fairness Sidmouth never looked like scoring, and their defence was broached twice more by good individual runs. Teignmouth’s fourth and last try was a good team effort which caught Sidmouth too narrow and led to a score in the corner.

The next game was against Plymouth Oaks, and although Sidmouth got the better of the game, neither side really looked like scoring. Reuben Bennett deserves mention for making multiple turnovers which made it impossible for Plymouth to get any momentum. The end result was a 0-0 draw, with Sidmouth playing as a team and looking good.

This took us through to the Shield playoffs, where we met Okehampton in the quarter finals. The game started with a few minutes of Okehampton being camped out on the Sidmouth line. Despite repeatedly turning the ball over, the strong wind meant clearing kicks were ineffective, so it took forever to relieve the pressure. At one point Okehampton even got over the try line, but the spirited defence held them up. Once out of the Sidmouth half it was a different game, with Sidmouth repeatedly making darts towards the try line until after multiple phases and really good protection of the ball, Sidmouth plunged over for the try. The 1-0 scoreline to Sidmouth was enough to get us to the Semis.

The semi-final was against Honiton, with the wind really starting to blow and rain in the air. This was a stop-start affair, with the only score being a try to Honiton as the result of Sidmouth falling off a few tackles. Sidmouth tried manfully to get the score back, but never managed to build any phases, so this was unfortunately where the tournament ended for Sidmouth, losing 1-0 to Honiton in the semi-finals.

All in all a good warmup for the end of season tour next week, which we’re all looking forward to !