Sidmouth Vs Withycombe U12s

A fine day at home in Sidford with a bit of warmth for the home spectators made us think that an enjoyable game of running rugby was on. Unfortunately, it was obvious from the warmup that the Sidmouth lads were missing their beds and just weren’t in the mood for rugby today. As a result they were cut to ribbons by a very professional-looking Withycombe side who took full advantage of the dry conditions to display their handling skills. Sidmouth never managed to put any phases together with players constantly getting isolated and turned over due to lack of support play, and the defence kept falling off tackles, while Withycombe frequently swept the width of the pitch and back again with some beautiful displays of passing and support. As a result, we lost the first third 6-0, the second 6-0 and the third 6-0. The final whistle couldn’t come soon enough for a sidmouth side who never looked like scoring.