Sidmouth Vs Cullompton - U12s

Today’s Mother’s Day game at home was fortunately moved from the back pitch to the nice dry, sandy front pitch at home in Sidford. A dry, cool day saw a huge turnout for Sidmouth, so that we effectively played as two teams: team 1 played quarters one and three and team 2 played quarters two and four, so this is how the write up is organised.

The first quarter saw some quality handling by Cullompton being the undoing of the home side. The first try showed great handling, with the ball being worked from side to side involving the whole Cullompton side until a gap inevitably opened up, leading to the first score. Sidmouth started falling off their tackles, so the next score conceded was due to a run straight through the middle of the Sidmouth side. The defence picked up a little then, but after Cullompton had spent a while camped out near the Sidmouth try line, one of their larger lads barged over from short range. At this point Sidmouth’s heads went down, the kickoff was caught cleanly by one of the larger lads from Cullompton who managed to run straight back and score. At this point the game turned briefly with a great individual run from Sidmouth going most of the length of the field, before a few missed tackles led to Cullompton scoring their last try of the quarter. Score was thus 5-1 to Cullompton.

The third quarter started with a brilliant surging run almost the length of the field down the left wing from Sidmouth. The cover defence made a splendid last-ditch tackle, with it being 50-50 whether the Sidmouth player would manage the last few yards, but he went for the offload which just failed to go to hand and the attack was snuffed out. The rest of the quarter was all Cullompton, with the first two tries being classic legs-pumping drives over the line. The next one was a length of the field run straight from the kickoff, while the last caught Sidmouth fast asleep failing to defend a quick penalty. Some poor defending from Sidmouth was thus responsible for the rather one-sided scoreline of 4-0.

The second quarter, featuring an almost completely changed Sidmouth side, started with a beautiful arcing run from Sidmouth ending up over the try line. Cullompton came back with good continuity, and phase after phase gradually marched Sidmouth back to their tryline until the score was conceded. The next few minutes were very scrappy, with good defensive pressure from both sides leading to many mistakes, but then followed a beautiful dummy from Ted Osbourne, bought by the entire Cullompton defence, followed by a gutsy run through traffic to score. The quarter ended 2-1 to Sidmouth.

The last quarter showed good phase play from both teams, and it was end to end stuff, til Cullompton made a break through the middle only snuffed out by a gutsy last-ditch tackle from Miles Lewis which saved a certain score. Good teamwork from Sidmouth led to a score, followed by one back from Cullompton to level things up. Scoreline for the quarter was thus 1-1.