Sidmouth Vs Bridport U12s

After a long layoff for Xmas, New Year and weeks of torrential rain, half the team started the match with an hour’s stint picking stones off the rear pitch. Whether this provided the perfect warmup, or whether the four week break had done them good, they started the year as we hope they’ll continue.

Foregoing their customary slow start, Sidmouth started from the off with great teamwork in attack and defence. The first quarter was a struggle up and down the pitch, until a turnover in their own half saw Sidmouth draw and pass with the result that the attack swept the width of the pitch, with most of the team handling the ball until a score in the corner resulted.  The second quarter saw another committed display from both Bridport and Sidmouth, with one or two large players from Bridport needing half the team to bring them down, but with all the team pulling their weight there was no score to either side.

The third quarter saw some great running from several of the Sidmouth players, varying from the smaller lads weaving in and out to the larger lads making progress route one, but several times the phases just mounted up and overwhelmed the Bridport defence, with the score for the quarter ending up two-nil in Sidmouth’s favour. Despite the pace of the match and the long layoff, the last quarter saw no dropoff in standard from either side. The quarter started with a Bridport try run the length of the field after an interception, and ended with a Sidmouth try after a few minutes spent camped out on the Bridport line ended with one Sidmouth player ploughing over despite the best efforts of three Bridport defenders.

All in all, a keenly contested game played In good spirit, with Sidmouth coming out narrow winners. The Sidmouth defence was excellent, with Bridport crossing the whitewash only once after an interception, while the Sidmouth attack was more fluent than earlier in the season, with much more passing and support work – we’re starting to look like a team rather than a group of individuals !

The pitch was a joy to behold – after all the rain in recent weeks there was virtually no mud, so a great running game was possible – the club can be proud of money well spent of a great facility.