Sidmouth Vs Teignmouth U12s

A crisp, sunny day in Sidford greeted those who were fortunate enough not to be stuck indoors on kitchen duty !

Sidmouth unfortunately got off to their usual slow start against Teignmouth, who to their credit had a couple of excellent, hard-to-stop runners. Four tries were conceded within the first five minutes and it was always going to be an uphill battle from there. Gradually the team woke up and the defence improved, but by the end of the first quarter we had barely made it out of our own half and were five tries down. The second quarter saw further improvement, with some strong carrying from a few on the Sidmouth side, but to no avail, the scoreboard kept ticking over on the Teignmouth side and not on ours.

The second half saw further improvement, with Sidmouth abandoning their previous tactic of kicking straight to the fastest player on the opposition side, and all of a sudden it looked like Teignmouth had a match on their hands. Time after time Sidmouth built multiple phases of attack, only for a pass not to go to hand or a quick turnover being conceded, at which point Teignmouth scored a breakaway try. Many other such Teignmouth breakouts were snuffed out with some great last-ditch defending and the team never gave up despite the scoreboard.

At the end of the day, although Sidmouth were beaten fair and square by quality opposition, they can hold their heads up as they never stopped trying, and the scoreboard (which ended with Sidmouth being nulled) was not a fair reflection of the game as we came desperately close to scoring a couple.