Under 11's first taste of action in 2014/15

With thanks, as always, to Dan Brett

Sidmouth's first taste of action in the 2014/2015 Season. Taking place at Exeter Saracens RF Club. 5th October 2014. A glorious Indian Summer day, in Devon.

Sidmouth had drawn a tough pool. We had the as yet unknown Oakmeadians from Bournemouth, Redruth, Totnes and Exeter Youth (formerly Chiefs).

Game 1. Redruth, Cornish Champions who had already made light work of beating the Chiefs. It was our usual slightly tardy start which allowed Redruth to beaver their way through our defence to score a try. The shock jolted the boys into action showing good intent, though still playing a very narrow game. Redruth’s injured started to pile up with 3 players littering the pitch at one point. Plucky Sidmouth kept their defence solid much to Redriuth’s frustration. The second half saw Sidmouth’s determination increase. Noah Western made a strong run but regrettably just put a foot in touch.  No further score meant the game closed at 1:0 to Redruth. It was an impressive start to the season and the boys should b proud of their performance against a worthy opponent. Hopefully Game 2 would see a better result.

Game 2. Oakmedian, Bournemouth. A strong well drilled, Oakmedian team played a fast and wide, physical game. We were caught off guard by the speed Oaks passed the ball along their pre defined line. Each Oakmedian player had a set position and role to play. Perhaps not in the spirit of U11's but you have to deal with what ever the opposition set against you. Noah Western showed great kicking finesse and relentless tackling talents. Noah Innes-Kruger was tackling hard and fast. Sam Pugh tackled well above his weight surprising much larger opponents with his ferocious efficacy,  and the rest of the team showed determination in attack and gallantry in defence. Regrettably Oak's formation, drill, and sheer physicality neutralised Sidmouth's determination. As an aside, Oak's coaches also had much to add too, with vocal recommendations to the ref and heckling of coaches. Again, you roll with the events as presented. Final score 3:0 to Oak’s.

Game 3. Totnes. Sidmouth had everything to prove in this game. A routing start saw George Manley running through Totnes defence to open the scoring. Our spirits were up (like Dave Manley's flaming spirits of the previous evening....). Sidmouth was now fully fired up, imposing OUR gameplan - Miles Lewis running in a second try before half time. Big James Allen then scored a magnificent try to open the second half, scything through Totnes bodies to land a "show boat" try. Swiftly followed by a perfectly timed and placed kick from Noah Western to set Jimmy Brett up in a kick and chase try. By now there was no stopping Sidmouth; just leaving George Manley to score the final exhibition running try of the game. Final score 5:0 to Sidmouth.

Game 4. Exeter Youth. The boys hit peak performance and loved every minute.  Their intent was to smash Exeter. And so we did! First half tries from Jimmy Brett, Noah Western and George Manley. Exeter were only able to score one consolation try in the second half. The game saw the boys in top gear with great supportive play, defence and attack.


Well done boys. Once we’d thrown off the early morning malaise and figured out how we wanted (and were able) to play, it turned into a great opening to the season.