Sidmouth U10s v Collumpton U10s

By Craig Morgan

The green army marched to Collumpton last week in a howling Westerly and took on a well drilled opposition.


Sidmouth opened the scoring with Ollie Jones pouncing on a loose ball in Cullys try zone. But having levelled the score the opposition could only spectate as Ben Scrivens showed a clean pair of heels to notch up Sidmouth’s second.  Another Cully equaliser saw the first match finish 2-2. In the second game Alex Peacock led by example to secure plenty of ball and go on several barnstorming runs. The team play was exemplary and was epitomised with a multi-phase attack. The ball moved through many pairs of hands before Ollie Jones again proved far too powerful and vigorous polishing the try off with a long run. Jamie Wyant chipped in with two trys for the team who ended up winning 4-2.