Sidmouth Vs Honiton U10s

On the last home game of 2015 saw Sidmouth entertain Honiton In some blustery conditions.

Sidmouth won the toss of a coin and scored immediately from the whistle. The first quarter saw Sidmouth dominant, scoring at ease. Sidmouth were turning over the ball either through ripping or superior rucking. Sidmouth refreshed some of the squad but ultimately this didn't change the dominance that Sidmouth held over the Honiton team.

After a half time break and another change in the line-up Sidmouth maintained their lead with running in more unanswered tries. Jack Fanning in particular was breaking through the Honiton defence line with some very determined running. The last two quarters saw some brutal play by both teams as they both kept their commitment going to the dying minutes.

Some relaxation of the rules helped Honiton get on the scoresheet and give Sidmouth some added defensive practice.

Excellent play by Charlie Brock, Will Pullman, Finn Cotton, George Tanner, Ned Coles, Timmy Brookes, Lottie Reid, Noah Finlay, Luca Manning, Charlie Farringdon-Smith, Thomas Fletcher & Jack Fanning saw Sidmouth end on top and remain undefeated.

Thanks to a spirited Honiton side who kept their heads up and gave kept on playing.