Sidmouth Vs Exeter Chiefs U10s

This Sunday Sidford was buzzing with excitement for the encounter with Exeter Chiefs, having watched them at last years final we knew they would be a well drilled side. Sidmouth had 18 players so split into two distinct teams against 11 from Exeter Chiefs. 

Game 1 - saw two strong teams start the day. Some fantastic and non-stop tackling saw the game almost without a score. The superior rucking by the Sidmouth team saw plenty of turnover ball but the Chiefs were strong in the tackle. In the last minute Jack Fanning took a determined run and scored to take the lead and seal the game. 

Game 2 - a mix of the new recruits took to the field for Sidmouth. Another good display of tackling kept this a low scoring game. The Chiefs going over first but in the dying minutes of the game Thomas Fletcher scored in the corner to draw and finish the game level.  An excellent result against a more experienced team with some of Sidmouth side playing in their first contact game. 

Game 3 - after a very tight result in the first game, the Chiefs were keen to make amends. Straight from the kick off the Chiefs scored, some very sloppy tackling from Sidmouth. Then Sidmouth repeated the play with the first receiver Finn Cotton going over the line to score having not been tackled once. The game then tightened with both teams returning to their strong defence. Each team going over the line once more and finishing as a draw. 

Game 4 - sidmouth were struggling from the start, a rush defence by the Chiefs saw Sidmouth on the back foot. The Chiefs were too strong and were soon over the line. Sidmouth struggled at the restart and found themselves going backwards. The Chiefs scored a again a further two times to win the game. 

An excellent weekend of rugby for all the children. The Chiefs proved tough competition as we expected.