Under 10’S Exmouth –v- Sidmouth

Sidmouth Meet Their Match

Sidmouth Under 10’s first game after the Easter break was with local rivals, Exmouth;  also included in the fixture were touring side, Cirencester.

Sidmouth started the first game against Cirencester with high confidence.  However, the Cirencester team soon rattled that by getting into it and scoring two rapid tries. 

The visitors’ tackling and ripping were at a much higher standard than Sidmouth have experienced this season and it took a while for them to get into the game.  The Cirencester players were fast and determined with a great defence which successfully kept Sidmouth out of the scoring. 

However, Sidmouth kept up the pressure with Ryan Cozens taking the lead and showing great determination in driving and tackling for the ball.  There were some good rucks and mauls with Will Cockayne-Cottrell using his strength and height to drive the ball forward.  Sidmouth eventually broke through the Cirencester line and Will Bolton scored a well deserved try. 

The final score was Cirencester 4, Sidmouth 1.

For the second game against hosts Exmouth, Sidmouth were warmed up and ready. 

The game started well for Sidmouth with brilliant passing and runs from Will Bolton and Thomas Fletcher;  Louis Cornick had another great game – all 3 scoring 2 tries each.    Ryan Cozens again had good organisational skills and kept the team focused and moving forward.

Charlie and Freddie Roberts kept the Exmouth team at bay with strong tackling.  Oliver Bond, Will Crick and Sam Cole also played their part in tackling and keeping Exmouth away from the scoring line.  Gabriel Roberts contributed with great speed and passing to help Sidmouth score another 2 tries – one from Ryan Cozens and the last from Will Bolton.

Sidmouth’s confidence restored by an  8-1 win over Exmout

Lessons learned and a great morning’s rugby at Exmouth.  Man of the Match was shared between Ryan Cozens and Will Bolton.