Sidmouth –v- Teignmouth

It started as a grim day for the first meeting of Sidmouth and Teignmouth Under 10’s, however Teignmouth bravely battled through the awful weather and blocked roads to make it to the Sidford pitches ready for a great game of rugby.  

Although they only had 9 players, Teignmouth took on 15 eager Sidmouth players for two super games of rugby.  There was great play from all with good passing and tackling from both teams.


Sidmouth defended well with outstanding play from Finlay Hobday, Gabriel Roberts, Laurence Walker and Will Cockayne-Cottrell.  Tries were scored across the two games by Finlay, Gabriel, Laurence, Will, Ryan Cozens, Thomas Fletcher and Will Bolton.  Sidmouth’s technical game is continuing to improve and all the team contributed towards two fine wins with Sidmouth scoring 

10-1 for the first game and 3-1 for the second.


Congratulations go to Teignmouth for putting up a fine team who carried on, with energy and enthusiasm throughout and a well deserved Man of the Match went to Sidmouth’s Will Bolton for great tackling and try scoring