Under 10s Line up against Crediton

Match Report


Sidmouth u10  vs Crediton u10


The two teams lined up against each other on a rather bracing Sunday morning with the crowd hopeful of some good quality rugby. The game began with Sidmouth getting the game underway, with Crediton having chosen their preferred end.  Right from the first whistle Sidmouth set down their marker, playing with pace and penetration. They forced their way down to the Crediton try line and having been awarded a scrum, Brealy duly broke from the rear of the scrum and jinked his way over for the first score.


From the restart Crediton showed just how dangerous they were going to be. Utilising the two strike runners they possessed and taking advantage of some rather lazy tackling they quickly brought the game level.


The game was played at a fast pace and Sidmouth then showed some fine hands and great interplay to get back down to the Crediton five metre line. Crediton were penalised for an infringement at the breakdown and Sidmouth awarded the penalty.From this position, Manley was fed the ball and made no mistake from short range, going over for Sidmouth’s second try. The crowd were still celebrating this score when Crediton breached the Sidmouth try line for the second time. Almost a carbon copy of the first try - with poor tackling at fault once again. Honours even.


From this point, Sidmouth again pushed on, but were faced with some fine tackling and counter rucking from a tough, well drilled Crediton side. The game was end to end, and a fine passage of play ended with Bennett crossing for Sidmouth’s third try. This time Sidmouth mounted a sterner defence of their line and withstood some sustained pressure. Eventually they broke with pace, showing good hands along the line. Cooper fed the ball to Benson who straightened and, despite being tackled,managed to offload the ball to Manley who went over for the try. This brought the first quarter to a close with Sidmouth leading by a well-deserved 4 tries to 2.


The second quarter began soon after, with Crediton employing the same tactic once more to send a player on a fine solo run, resulting in a try. Heads didn’t drop, and it wasn’t long before Sidmouth were again at the far end. Bennett once more demonstrated his developing reputation as a master ball stealer, by ripping the ball out of a Crediton players arms, spinning and running in an unopposed try. Cue the dreaded restart…and yes, the curse of the finger tackle struck Sidmouth again, with Crediton scoring their 4th try of the game. It was clear that the two teams were very evenly matched, and that Sidmouth were going to need to be far more committed in the tackle if they were to prevail. Fortunately, with Western and Manley leading some aggressive and committed tackling the team started to win the confrontations and to push Crediton back. Following some wonderful team play, involving a great line break from Pierson-Lovesy, and a great pop pass to Benson, Sidmouth had their 6thtry. Shortly after this, Sidmouth were awarded a penalty just outside the Crediton try line, and Allen crashed through some futile tackling to make it 7.

End of the second quarter. Score Sidmouth 7 Crediton 4


Quarters 3 and 4 were much closer; the game being played at a decent pace with both teams showing a real desire to prevail. Sidmouth on occasions were a little guilty of running laterally instead of passing along the line but were enjoying more of the possession. Eventually they crossed the Crediton try line, but to everyone’s frustration the referee had spotted a knock on in the build up play. Undaunted, Sidmouth continued their relentless onslaught, and Manley was rewarded for some hard straight running when he went over for Sidmouth’s eighth try of the game.

Unfortunately, Crediton were soon back on the scoreboard, using some hard, direct running of their own.  This quarter finished with one try apiece.


The last quarter.


Crediton got the game underway, and showed they would take the result to the wire by recycling the ball well after some heavy tackling. Eventually they fed the ball to a player in space, and he dipped under two despairing tacklers to score Crediton’s sixth try of the day.  Again, the game was end to end, with both squads playing some good quality rugby. Sidmouth were next to score. Following a great run on the far side, and a fine offload to keep the ball alive, Brealy went over for Sidmouth’s ninth try. The match was nearly done, but there was still time for a proud Crediton side to muster one last attack on the Sidmouth try line. Eventually they broke through and a try looked a certainty, but for a scything tackle by Western that resulted in the two boys ending up in the crowd. Game finished with Sidmouth having prevailed by a score line of nine tries to six.


The game was played in a fantastic spirit, and most parents agreed that Sidmouth had played some of their very best rugby of the season. All the boys contributed massively to the game with it looking like a real team effort. Passes were being given and they were beginning to use space much more effectively- most of the time!


A very enjoyable match - a credit to both teams - and enough positives to prove that there is much to look forward for the rest of the season.