Under 10s Travel to Collumpton

Match Report 10th November 2013


Sidmouth v Collumpton (away)



It was a beautiful sunny day without a cloud in the sky, no wind, but  the pitch was wet with a heavy dew.  The boys started their warm up with a mopping up the excess dew from the grass.  Itwas the usual sloping pitch with quite a harsh gradient for the, by now soggy, Siddy team. Our host's gave us the uphill side to start on. A cunning ploy which gave the impression that their heavy weight team could run, in fact it was gravity.


The game, to be played in 4 quarters, got off to a horrible start, with Collumton running downhill to score four tries with out reply. Siddy were initially flummoxed by the refs rule interpretations and style of play - none of the free flowing fast moving panache we had become accustomed to over the past few games. Instead it was an ugly roaming maul with bodies scrambling and clambering around the ball like a seething mass of insects.


Oh dear something had to be done, and quick, this was fast becoming a nightmare!


At half time we were 6 nil down. No matter, the team gave an honest appraisal of their first half performance, understanding the need to protect the ball more and to take the fight to Cullumpton. And so we did, it wasn't a pretty game, very narrow and constantly bogged down in scuffles for the ball. However, through sheer weight of will and pure determination the boys recovered the final score to a hard fought and bruising 10 point to 5 Sidmouth defeat.


Many lessons were learnt this week and the boys showed strength of character and resolve to recover as they did in the second half.


Keep yer heads up lads, we know how to beat them next time!