Sidmouth succombed to Newton Abbot

Sidmouth succombed to a strong Newton Abbot squad, travelling with only 13 players,  the home side lent 3  which gave the Quins a bonus of a replacement.
Ben Rix, Rob Jackson, who both have not played rugby for 4 years seemed like they had not been away, apart maybe a bit of fitness towards the end..
Dan Thomas a "Kiwi" on a years teaching break at St Johns school also made his debut for the Quins.
It took 20 minutes for Newton to break down Sidmouths defence, with a quick tap penalty from the impressive inside centre.
Sidmouth then had a chance to score, Cameron Grainger put Adam Squance away with the full back being caught just before the try line.
Grainger then left the field taking  a blow to the face when tackling.
Captain for the day Ben Turner took on the 10 role with great enthusiasm.
Newton then scored out wide after Sidmouth ran out of defenders.
Adam Squance then saved a certain try with a great tackle, driving the attacker back, gaining the Quins a defensive 5 metre scrum.
The ball passed back to Turner  who side stepped the first tackler, set of on a mazy run from his own dead ball area, linking with Dan Colson on the "22" who in turn brushed aside a couple of attempted tackles, Ryan Davies then got the ball just inside his own half, with lots of work still to do, Ryan ran, beating the covering winger and full back for a great try, no more than the team deserved for their efforts.
Changing around at half time and with the large Newton squad having fresh legs, you might have forgiven if the Quins had folded, but they stuck together and gave as much commitment  as possible only conceding 3 more tries.
Cameron Grainger bravely returned to the field keeping the team up to 15 players.
Ben Halford, Darren Sainsbury, Roger Goulding,Ben Rix, Rob Jackson, Ryan Davies, DanThomas, Johnny Hamil, Cameron Grainger, Ben Turner, Dan Colson, William Powis and Adam Squance,  were the 13 who travelled.
This week the Quins take on Barnstaple 2nds who have only lost  2 league games this season, hopefully there will be more players available and Robert Baugh will not be chasing personal up , late on Friday evening.