Information to members following the 18 March Board meeting.





There were 9 Directors present plus the President.


As usual written reports had been circulated prior to the meeting.


A wide range of topics were covered – these included;


1. noting that an application for a grant had been made to Sports England in respect of

   improving the Sidford pitches which will cost approx £190k. This application had the

   support of the RFU. The club has ear marked £30k for this project.


        2. the arrangements for managing and letting the Sidford Pavilion. It was noted that a

            booking system was in place and that the cleaning had been organised. However

            someone was still needed to take overall responsibility for this facility and  

            for ensuring community usage.


        3. agreeing that the membership form should refer to the need for volunteers to adhere

            to the club rules.


        4. noting that the third team had not played and the seconds often struggled to put out

            a full side due to first team calls. A group was going to looking into what can be done

            to improve matters for the future.


        5. the continuing lack of First Aiders at home games was noted with concern and

            further enquiries were going to be with St Johns Ambulance. Volunteers who are

            suitably qualified or who are willing to get qualified should contact Kerin Hamill.


       6. noting that;

           a) the stair lift had been installed and that Joy Seward had raised £1k towards the cost.

           b) the shelters for substitutes etc had been installed.

           c) the new Defibrillator was now available at Sidford at no cost to the club.


noting that the new membership card system was working well. However due to the wet weather and the general economy bar profits were down.


noting that Community Amateur Sports Club accreditation had at last been obtained.


the Board agreed to seek to arrange an informal meeting with the Trustees of the Morrison Bell Trust.


The date for the next Board meeting is Monday 20 May.