December Board meeting


Information to members resulting from 3 December Board meeting.

There were 8 Directors present plus the President and a member of the Junior’s committee.

As usual written reports had been circulated prior to the meeting.

A wide range of topics were covered – these included;

Sidford Pavillion – the need to finalise the members of the Management Committee and to

Identify someone from another sports or community club to become a member. Any suggestions would be welcomed.

The Board were delighted with the recent opening ceremony.

It was confirmed that that no dogs should be allowed in the clubhouse, other than guide dogs, and that dogs must be kept on a lead whilst in the club grounds.

electronic bar tills would be installed in January.

4.  First Aid support was needed for second team games. Volunteers who are trained first aiders,

     or who are willing to be trained, should contact Kerin Hamill.

5.  approval for the installation of a chair lift. Any donations to the Treasurer, Richard Houghton


6. a “pop up” page is being set up for the web site which will be used for important messages

    eg, game postponed. It was noted that more members were opening e mails and visiting the

    web site although use by junior members was surprisingly low.

7. it was noted that the President had been obtained a Defibrillator for use at Sidford at no cost

    to the club.

The date for the next Board meeting is Monday 28 January.