Information to members following 22 October Board meeting.


The meeting was held at the new Sidford Pavilion. 8 Board members plus the President and representative from the junior section were present.

Pete Bond was welcomed to his first Board meeting as the new Sales and Marketing Director.

As usual a wide range of topics were covered – these included;

1. the need to finalise the terms of reference for the Pavilion Management

    Committee and also to agree on who would be on that Committee both from

    the rugby club and other community groups.

2. the arrangements and invitations for the formal opening of the Pavilion by

    Mary King at 11am Sunday 25 November.

3. the lunch for sponsors and advertisers on 10 November.

4. the arrangements for the Devon Under 20 game to be held at the Blackmore

    on Sunday 2 December.

5. under 18’s drinking and the clubs responsibility re this and it’s licence. An

    alcohol policy had been produced.

6. the installation of new bar tills and the provision of new membership cards for

    members to use to obtain a discount at the bar. It was also noted that the bar

    use after games was low and ideas as to how to improve this were discussed.

7. the use of one gate had been successful but it was noted that a significant

    number of people came into the ground after half time or watched over the fence

    hence losing the club income. This will be monitored.

8. noting that two shelters for use by the substitutes would shortly be in place.

9. the Pretty john field was progressing well but it would be a year plus before it would

    be able to take hard use.

10 agreement to obtain a de- fibulator for the Sidford site - hopefully funded by a grant.

The next meeting is to be held on 26 November at 7pm.