Information to members


Information to members following 23 July Board meeting. 

There were 7 Directors present plus in attendance; 

Dan Goddard on behalf of Jed Stone.

Malcolm Wharton – a potential Director

As usual written reports had been circulated prior to the meeting which covered a wide variety of matters. These included; 

1. the Board were briefed as to the new requirements for the contents of the Annual Accounts and Financial statements for the year ended 30 April 2012. It was noted that it was planned that these would be finalised and circulated by mid August for approval and Mark Seward and Robin Johnson were authorised to sign these on behalf of the Board.

2. draft Revenue and Capital budgets for 2012/3 were reviewed. These would be finalised in September.

3. noting that, along with many other sports clubs, our application to become a Community Amateur Sports Club is being held by HMRC – the application has now been with them for a year. The RFU hope for progress in September.

4. membership – a database has been established and the renewal invitations were about to be sent out – by e mail if an address is held but if not by post. The advantages of being a member are spelt out. The letter and supporting schedule will be available on the web site along with an application form for new members.

The possibility of making payment electronically will be investigated for 2013/14.

5. noting that all non playing club kit would be sold by Sports Republic sports shop.

6. noting that a date for the official opening of the new Pavilion at Sidford had not yet been set. This would follow the completion of legal matters and would hopefully be in September.

7. agreeing to hold the AGM on Monday 24 September at 7pm in the clubhouse when two changes to the Articles would be proposed – these would be spelt out in the formal notice of the meeting. Also the changes to the Rules as agreed by the Board would be explained. 

At the end of the meeting Malcolm Wharton confirmed that he was willing to join the Board who voted unanimously to co –opt him.

HELP NEEDED. A  “Sales and Marketing Director” is urgently needed. Could that be

you or someone that you know ? If so please speak to Mark Seward or Robin Johnson.